mardi 30 janvier 2007

Jogen Chowdhury

A selection of textes and works by Hervé Perdriolle

Jogen Chowdhury was born in a village near Kotaliparha at Faridpur district at what is now Bangladesh in 1939. The family moved to Calcutta in 1947 following the Partition of Bengal. Chowdhury entered the Government College of Art and Crafts in 1955 and graduated from the college in 1960. (more)

You will see a lot of Bengal influence in my art. The leftist movement that was at its peak in West Bengal since the 40s influenced my earlier works. There was passion in the air, the desire to change the world. In later years, my art became more personalised and subtler.But in the earlier days there was no way I could escape the political influence of the left movement. There was a lot of disturbance in the air. Partition, famine and the food movement all left their mark. (more)

Bhupen Khakhar, Jogen Chowdhury, Richard Long and Denise Hooker. PhotoHervé Perdriolle, Mumbay 2003.